About Us

My Dog Is Family originated from a true and passionate love for dogs.  When dogs enter our lives, they aren't just companions... they aren't just pets... They become our best friends... They love us unconditionally, and become our children, our grandchildren, our siblings...  They become our Family!  Our founder, Anthony J Carr III, a lifelong dog lover, wanted to create a company that allowed us to show our unconditional love, and in return, spread the message that MY DOG IS FAMILY.  We also want to help the Dog community by giving back, so 10% of our profits will be given to charities that help change dog's lives.  We have unique custom merchandise for you and your dog alike, so take a look around, and remember that your purchase will help a dog in need!  Thank you for shopping with us!

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Our goal is to make sure you are happy!

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